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Renaissance Discoveries

If you have visited Italy, you may understand my complete and total infatuation.

Sleeping in a village with only 39 permanent inhabitants, escaping the rain into an empty 900 year old church just as the organist began to practise, discovering an antiques market in a piazza in a medieval walled town – these are just some of the experiences that have left an indelible mark of joy on my soul.

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Italy calls me back, time after time for new experiences and wondrous discoveries.

Discovering that Italy is the birth place of the modern art of perfumery was serendipitous.

So captivated by everything that I have learned on this journey of Italian perfumery, that I was compelled to change the focus of my entire business.

After a full year of research and development, I am delighted to present
WILLOW EMPORIUM - Italian inspired artisan apothecary.

Dale de Ridder – bringing ‘la dolce vita’ to you.

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